Social Media Marketing Services

An impressive presence in different social media websites is not an option any longer. Unless you are keeping a track of what is going on in different social media websites about your company, you are sure to find yourself in a tight concern. Moreover, the number of Facebook fans or twittering population is increasing steadily and that means, if you continue to ignore the importance of social media marketing, you are likely to lose a huge amount of traffic. Since social networking is changing its course and topography every now and then, you need to know how to keep things in order or under control so that you can make the most of it.

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/YouTube – Setup/enhance and Promotion
Weekly Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/YouTube management and Updates
Facebook/Twitter/Flickr- Custom Landing Page Design
Facebook – geo targeted friend/ fan seeding
Twitter/YouTube – Custom Back Ground Design
Twitter – Friend Seeding
Facebook/Twitter – Social Profile Directory Submission
LinkedIn – Company Page / Group Set-up
Brand/Company Protection – Reserve Username
Squido Lens
Wikis Promotion
Press Release – writing/Submission
Video Creation/Optimization/Submissions

Free SEO Tools

Social Bookmarking
Blog Set-up and Design
Blog Social Media Promotion
Blog Search Engine Optimization
Blog Commenting
Weekly Blog Posts
RSS distribution
Blogger Outreach
Brand Reputation and Community Monitoring
Podcasts integration and promotion
Rating and Reviews (Ex: Yelp)
Photo sharing and Presentation
Digg promotion
Yahoo, Yeda and LinkedIn Answers (Q/A)
Social Web Applications
Comprehensive Reports
Email/Phone Support
One time Investment / Monthly Management
Social Profile Creation on Secondary sites:

200+ others…


Google++++ Update

          I would love to hear your views on Author Rank.

(1) Authorship in Search – Google’s Reward to Great Authors Google has been recently pushing authorship mark-ups to be included on websites, as they will be starting to highlight content creators in their search results. Matt Cutts also mentioned on an interview by Danny Sullivan that they’ll be using another site/content metric in gauging quality and importance of content through the reputation of its creator – which he called Author Rank.

(2) Google+ + +1 or Google Social and +1 Sharing – Google has rolled out some nice changes over the last few weeks, as an SEO and as a search user I have to say that I am really pleased and satisfied with their updates. So what are these updates I am talking about and what can we do with them? +1 Global ,Webmaster Tools and Analytics +1 Google+,Rel=”author” in search results

And I don’t count Page Rank update as one of the updates, if anyone wants to add I forgot about that in the comments. Of course this post is about sharing and social updates, we won’t talk about canonical headers and instant pages and other new updates like Google redesign

(3) 10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 3.2 WordPress 3.2 will be released soon (at the time of this writing, it is in RC1 which essentially means it is done and being tested). This is an exciting release as it marks the first release that drops PHP 4 dependency. For years, WordPress has opted to play to the lowest common denominator while hosts have taken their sweet time arriving at PHP 5.Of course, this may mean nothing to you, depending on your technical knowledge of the underlying language. However, it has limited the amount of innovation that could be possible using the more modern version of PHP 5.

(4) Manage Team Online Efficiently With TeamWox – Starting and managing a company is not easy as you need to manage employees along with the services which you provide.To help in organizing and managing work in your company you should try TeamWox Groupware.TeamWox enables organizing management production inside a company and makes them more transparent while making decision process easy.

(5) How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever – Whiteboard Friday – It’s here! Google has released Panda update 2.2, just as Matt Cutts said they would at SMX Advanced here in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. This time around, Google has – among other things – improved their ability to detect scraper sites and banish them from the SERPs. Of course, the Panda updates are changes to Google’s algorithm and are not merely manual reviews of sites in the index, so there is room for error (causing devastation for many legitimate webmasters and SEOs).

That is this week Round keep sending in those post you want to get feature here that is for this week edition of Round up. Please share your thoughts on this weeks post and the new Google social Networking site. Do you think Google +1 has a future?

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Working Capital and Business Advice

Small business owners have a common problem about getting practical and effective working capital advice. There is a continuous change in the standards of working capital finance and small business finance.

From past several decades, working capital finance lenders have function on a regional basis. There are very few effective commercial lenders which can recommend on working capital in response to cost cutting that has saturated by many industries. Small business owner are likely to be confused about how this will help in future business financing efforts.

Getting exact working capital advice is often tricky for small business owners and recently increased number of economic and financial changes has made this quite complex. Business Lenders have been giving some unpredicted and unacceptable responses on recent economic circumstances. The Working Capital Financing Journal is assessing some of the commercial finance actions taken by business lenders

social media trend among the youth Local Search Marketing

Specialist digital marketing agency Digital Clarity ( on Tuesday published a survey of 1,300 British mobile internet users below the age of 25 which showed that most use a mobile device to talk to friends about the show they are watching.

Where is social media headed? What is important to learn about now so that we feel like we’re “in the know” six months down the road?  Although everyone and their uncle is doing or will be doing 2011 prognostication pieces, I’m jumping into the fray and offering my own predictions and a bit of analysis on where we’re headed as we close out the final six weeks of 2010

Therefore, what’s happening in Facebook is that consumers are turning off brands posting to their walls, using Friends lists to pay close attention only to their “real” friends, and commenting on or sharing only when something is really juicy.   In Twitter, a company called Cadmus aims to change the way we view our streams by determining what content is most relevant to you based on your Twitter usage patterns.  Other tools, such as and Flipboard (for iPad), also curate Twitter, primarily based on content popularity, and make that content much more reader-friendly.

Entertainment checkin services are changing the way we watch television. Mobile loyalty applications are helping us connect the dots between our real-world shopping behaviors and digital rewards. A new breed of Q&A services are changing the way we search. Barcode scanning applications are making products social, and deal-of-the-day sites are giving us ways to save by recruiting our friends to the party.